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C a r l o s   Z a p a t a



2017 Hearing others Footsteps, Anima-Mundi Gallery St Ives UK
  The Exploratorium Museum, San Francisco USA
2016 Curious Contraptions, The Exploratorium Museum, San Francisco USA
  From Silence, Anima-Mundi at Herrick Gallery, Mayfair London UK
  The Musings of Creatures, Andrew Lanyon Falmouth Art Gallery Cornwall UK
  "Carnival" Victoria Art Gallery Bath UK
2015 Exvotos, Millennium Gallery St Ives UK
  Automata, Falmouth Art Gallery Cornwall UK
  Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens Cornwall UK
2013 Sagrado y Profano, Millennium Gallery St Ives UK
  Threadneedle Art Prize, Mall Galleries London UK
  Limbo'The Old Coffin Store' Truro LIMBO is the first part of a biannual series of events which aim to form a blue-print for a future Biennale in Cornwall UK
  Birth Rites Collection Bi-annual Exhibition UK
  London Art Fair Millennium Gallery UK
2012 "Mixed show", Millennium Gallery St Ives UK
  Falmouth Art Gallery Cornwall UK
  "160th Autumm Exhibition" Royal West of England Academy, Bristol UK
  "Child Soldiers", Millennium Gallery St Ives UK
  The Vickers Collection Aspen Co USA
  Handwerksform Hannover Germany
2011 The Kinetic Art Fare. London UK
2010 "The American Visionary Art Museum" Baltimore USA
" 158th Autumm Exhibition" Royal West of England Academy, Bristol UK


" The Edge" The Falmouth Art Gallery Falmouth UK


"Museo Parque De Las Ciencias", Granada Spain
  "Expressions" Falmouth Art Gallery    Falmouth Cornwall UK



2008    .Hilde Leiss Gallery    Hamburg   Germany
  "Tuke"  The Falmouth Art Gallery  Falmouth UK
  "Paul Spooner"  The First Gallery Southampton  UK
  "Automates Galerie"  Brussels   Belgium
  "Art Science and Philosophy" The American Visionary Art  Museum,  Baltimore,   USA


2007 "A Piece of the Action"  The Bridport Art Centre.  Bridport  UK
  .Kinetica Museum,  London  UK
  "Summer Exhibition" Royal Academy of Arts  London    UK
  "Magical Mechanical Machines" Shire Hall Gallery Stafford   UK
  "Made",  Yorkshire Sculpture Park,  UK 



2006 " Brunel 200  "  Falmouth Art Gallery,  Falmouth,  UK
  " Mechanical Magic "    20-21 Visual  Arts  Centre , Scunthorpe  UK
  " The End Of The Pier "   Rufford Craft Centre.   Nottinghamshire,  UK 
  "Gadget, Gears and Whirligigs" Charles River Museum,  Waltham MA.  USA


2005 " Tree-mendous "  Falmouth Art Gallery, Falmouth  UK
  " Mechanics Alive "   Bury St. edmunds Art Gallery,  Suffork,  UK
  " CMT   Exhibition "   The Oxo Gallery,  London  UK
  " Holy H 2 0 "   The American Visionary Art  Museum,   Baltimore,   USA


2004  " CMT  Exhibition "   The Exploratorium Museum,  San Francisco,  USA
  "Jeux  D'  Automates"   Musee Des Automates,  Nevilly-sur-seine,   Paris    France
  " Queen's Wharf Exhibition"  Sculpture out of the ashes,    National Maritime Museum,   Falmouth   UK
  " CMT  Exhibition"   The Oxo Gallery,  London   UK


2003 " Summer Show "   The Medici Gallery,  London  UK
  " Automata "   The Rufford Gallery,  Nottinghamshire,  UK
  " Fur and Feathers "   Falmouth Art Gallery  Falmouth,  Cornwall  UK
  " Automata "   Royal Pump Rooms Art Gallery and Museum, Warwick,  UK
  " CMT  Festival "   The Oxo Gallery,  London  UK


2002 " Out   Of  The  Box "    The Air Gallery,  London   UK.
  "  Summer Show  "    Hitchcocks    Gallery,  Bath   UK.


2001 " Virtual exhibition "  C M T   UK
2000 " Virtual exhibition "  C M T   UK
M  u  s  e  u  m   C o l  l  e  c  t  i  o  n  s
  Natural History Museum Museum  London UK
  The American Visionary Art Museum    Baltimore  USA                          
  The Exploratorium Museum,   San Francisco  USA
  The Arima Museum    Kobe ,   Japan
  Falmouth Art Gallery  Falmouth,  Cornwall  UK
  The Franklin Institute science Museum,  Philadelphia  USA
  The Gumma Museum,   Japan
  Hyunggi-do ,  Heyri Artvalley,   Paju,  Gyeonggi Province,  South Korea
  Museo Parque De Las Ciencias     Granada Spain
  The Wrexham County Museum Wales
  Gloucester Museum Gloucester UK
  Tudor House Museum Southampton UK
  Folk Museum Helston UK
R e s i d e n t s
2004 July-september Artist in residents,The Exploratorium Museum,San Francisco, USA
2005 May  Artist in Residents,  The Visionary Arts Museum,  Baltimore  USA
P u b l i c a t i o n s
  Raw vision magazine,      RV # 49   pg. 66
  Raw vision magazine,    RV # 50  pg. 88
  The Times newspaper Times Newspaper (Monday 5th July 2004)
  Carlos Zapata by Andrew Lanyon 2009
  Carlos Zapata Blurb 2008
 Carlos was born in Colombia in 1963. The Visual Arts have always captured his imagination and over many years he has been especially drawn to Folk and Tribal Arts from all over the world. Carlos is a self-taught artist and whilst struggling to survive in London he found his own ways of expressing himself through painting, drawing and making things. . In the late nineties he began making and selling his first automata, eventually enabling him to concentrate on creating new pieces full-time. Many of the ideas for his new works have evolved and been taken from his own personal life experience of living in a foreign country and in his home country where a civil war rages on relatively un noticed by the outside world. His vibrant work is colourfull and full of emotion. With the help and encouragement of Cabaret Mechanical Theatre he has quickly gained international success. His work is in private collections and museums in several countries.